Kid Profiles

The KidMix profile is the perfect place for kids to express what's on their mind and communicate with their friends. Parents decide if their kids can write their own messages or use our canned message system. Kids can like or comment without the concern of bullying or posting negative comments.

In addition, KidMix is an entertaining and educational way for kids to stay informed, learn responsibility and have fun with their friends. Your kids will see status updates from their friends and they can like and comment on them using our commenting system. Parents can view and delete anything undesirable via the Parent Dashboard or Mobile Parent App.

The KidMix Profile provides these fun features:

  • Kids can post status updates, photos, and emojis
  • Profile Pictures can be updated using real photos or other images
  • Kids can select their favorite Fun Facts for friends to see.
  • Real-Time feed displays updates from Friends and their activities
  • Kids can like and comment on their friend's updates
  • Kids can share VideoZone articles with friends

Playdate Planner

KidMix empowers children to manage their own social lives in a simple and safe way. This fun and interactive way of scheduling means all playdates are organized by the child and approved by their parent. Kids can also schedule online playdates to connect with their friends on their gaming systems. KidMix's Playdate planner takes the burden off the parents to coordinate the logistics of their child's playdate. KidMix makes playdate planning a Breeze!

Playdate Planner Highlights:

  • Encourages physical play with friends
  • Empowers kids to learn how to handle logistics and scheduling
  • Kids can plan playdates with current friends and easily connect with new ones
  • Playdates will appear on kid's calendar
  • Great way for kids to engage with classmates, teammates, and others
  • Coordinate online play with friends instead of playing with strangers
  • The playdate planner is only available for our parentally verified under 13 users

Safe & Secure

KidMix has taken the necessary steps to ensure we meet the FTC's Child Online Privacy Protection standards (COPPA) to protect your children. All members of KidMix have to go through a parental ID verification process in order to become an active member and to create a child profile.

As a parent, you have enough to think about - stop worrying about planning & overseeing your child's social life! The Parent Dashboard and custom notifications provide full oversight to all your child's activities. In a nutshell, this app gives you peace of mind without all the work!

All activity is easily accessible from the web-based Parent Dashboard or Mobile Parent App allowing you to have complete control over the type of interactions your child is engaging in. By default, you must approve all your child's friend connections, playdate invitations, and photos being shared. Parental control settings are available to adjust the level of oversight for the parental approval process.

Full Parental Oversight

KidMix's Parent Dashboard is available to parents to oversee their kid's activity. The dashboard includes full access to all the KidMix features. These features include playdate scheduling, calendar management, sending direct messages, access to the VideoZone, and the ability to manage groups. Parents can access the dashboard by simply logging into the KidMix app with their credentials.

Advanced features of the parent dashboard are available on a web browser. These features include account & profile management for parents and kids as well as advanced group creation with the ability to copy and paste large email lists.

Parents can feel comfortable knowing that they can easily monitor their child's online activity within KidMix.


KidMix's VideoZone is a collection of educational and fun videos for kids to watch and share. The VideoZone will allow kids to learn more about all their favorite subjects such as Science, History, Cooking, Sports, Music, Art and much more. All videos have been screened to ensure they are suitable for our users. Kids can save their favorites and share with their friends! Now you can feel confident that your kids are watching appropriate videos while on their device!

Now you can feel confident that your kids are not looking at inappropriate material but are learning in a safe environment.


KidMix allows parents and children access to an integrated calendar allowing for a visual overview of upcoming events and activities. The calendar will automatically update with scheduled playdates. Parents and children can also use the KidMix calendar to keep track of other activities such as team practices, parties, school events, and other important dates! Future releases will support calendar export/import with iCAL, Google Cal, & Outlook.

Group Creator

The KidMix Group Creator is the ideal way to bring together school friends, neighborhood friends, teammates, or any other custom group you want to create. Groups can be effortlessly created by copying and pasting email lists or adding existing KidMix connected friends. Now your kids can mix up their play time and set playdates with new friends as well as ones they've had for years. Groups can easily be created and edited via the Web Parent Dashboard and Mobile Parent App.

Best of all, you can comfortably allow your children to be well rounded and not pigeon holed into the same old routine. Each playdate will be something they will enjoy and look forward to!

Photo Sharing

KidMix's photo sharing is a fun way for kids to express themselves. They can post photos from family vacations, sporting events, and other fun activities. Sharing photos can help bridge a gap between classmates and other friends, creating a bond that otherwise may not have flourished. This will allow kids to get to know each other better and help to eliminate exclusion.

Family & Guest Access

Click through description: KidMix's family and guest access will allow parents to set up special usernames and passwords for family members, giving them oversight of their kid's activities. This special access will allow them to see what their grandkids, nieces, nephews etc. are doing and allow them to like and comment on their updates. Also, they can send direct messages such as, "Have a great day at school", "Good luck at your game" etc. This is a fun way for family members to communicate with the kids and allow them to feel like they are part of their lives remotely.